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martes, 21 de agosto de 2018

The kiss

The kiss.
Someone once said that a legal kiss is never worth as much as a stolen kiss.
Another said that in a kiss you know everything that has been silenced.
A great actress said that the kiss is a charming trick designed by nature to stop talking when words become superfluous.
A lover swore that he would give everything he asked his beloved; everything except return the kisses.
There are many who say that there is always someone who kisses and another who is limited to allowing the kiss.
And I only have one theory as far as kissing is concerned: PROHIBITED KISSING WITHOUT BITING LIPS.


viernes, 11 de mayo de 2018

You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life ...

Why You Should Dress Up on Valentine's Day.

You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life ...

... Let me look you in the eyes
And tell you that you are the best thing that has happened to me in my life ... And that even though you arrived this way suddenly ... And without planning it, I want to love you forever.
Let me take you by your hand and take you through the world to know other heavens ... Let me tell everyone that my heart is yours and that it is you I love.
Let me look you in the eyes and tell you that my thoughts are yours ... Well, in them day and night I have you ...
Let me look into your eyes and tell you that I want to discover every morning in your eyes and that I want you to be my encouragement.
Let me look you in the eyes and tell you that you are all that I need and that I am in love with you.
Love me as I love you;
Love me as I love you;
Kiss Me...
Stay on my lips ...
Let me be yours forever ...
Just tell me yes ...

And I promise to make you happy ... Until my sky turns gray ...

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018

Addicted to You ....

Solo es un sueño: Adicta a Ti....

Addicted to You ....

Yes, I am a dictates to you ...
Addict to your hands walking on my hips, ...
to feel your fingers playing a part below my navel, ...
Addicted to your saliva, ...
I'm addicted to your tongue in my throat, ...
I'm addicted to you!
To those bites in the neck,
Addicted to you damn sea!
In that dirty way of making me yours!
And how not to be, if it's been you,
the only one to take me to heaven and to hell itself in a single moment, ...
I'm addicted to that twisted way in which you stalk me, ...
As you approach me,
I'm addicted to you!

The way you look at me, ...
To your games, your characters, ...
Yes, I am addicted to all the follies that a committer has taken me,
I'm addicted to your adrenaline,
To your kisses, ...
there love, in your lips I swear I'm lost, ...
I'm addicted to your breath, ...
To your agitated breathing over me ...
I am addicted to feel you dancing inside me.
Love I am addicted to you .

lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

Her and Him

I do not want to kiss your skin
I want to kiss your soul, you told me,
I want you to feel the sensation
Of a sigh running through your ear.
Come on, let me rap
In the sky of your eyes,
Let me into the calm of your heart,
Let me live a hug from you
I want to feel you, run into your hands and cover your cold.

Kiss me, kiss me subtly,
I want to feel the warmth of your lips
Saturating my wounded passion,
Hold me with tenderness.
The tempest of doubts suffocates my soul.
Be my sailboat of illusions,
To embark with you.
From now on I want to be your dock,

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sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

What did you do to me?

What did you do to me?
Tell me, what did you do to me?
I do not understand.
That is, in what drawer did my heart guard?
Where did you leave my reason?

And he answered:
I must tell you that I do not have the answers,
I deeply regret if your loss
It causes some pain ...

But if it's any consolation, you should know something ...
When I heard her voice my reason became crazy to tie,
Did not respond to oblivion and I, however much I ask,
In you do not stop thinking

My heart gave to his, all the illusion, deliberately fled and today my body walks without his heartbeat, it is the heat of our intense hours that now keeps me alive.
So, I wish that everything was clear.

This between you and me has been a one-on-one.

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miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017


Let me wander in your look
And sink slowly into mine;
Know the nakedness of my soul
And navigate my secret intimacy.
Let me accommodate in your throbbing heart,
It slides by the undulating swing of my impossible,
Touch with your wings my illusion,
Fans smiles my secrets
And rest serene, in the nakedness of my soul.
Gently rub my desires.
Delineate, slowly, the edge of my dreams.
Carefully cover the nakedness of my soul.
Calm down my fears,
Sweetly caress my hope,
Acuna with smiles my senses,
Glide in the nakedness of my soul.
Let me rest on your warm chest,
Warm in your arms.
Enjoy step by step and in silence
The trip you started ...

And bury yourself in the warm nakedness of my soul.

"Se había dormido a su lado, se había dejado dormir a su lado, había hecho ese supremo gesto de confianza que es dormirse al lado de otro: como un guerrero que deja su armadura. Ahí estaba, indefensa pero misteriosa e inaccesible. Tan cerca, pero separada por la muralla ingrávida pero infranqueable y tenebrosa del sueño". ERNESTO SÁBATO:

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

I want you in silence

I want you in silence
I saw you today after a long time
And I thought I had forgotten you,
To brush your face against mine
I felt that my love remained intact.
I love you without wanting it,
And I think you're welcome,
you are part of my life
With sadness and disillusionment.
But you, you are my everything,
To love you without hesitation
Give you everything I have
And you feel the most beloved.
I saw you today after a long time
And inadvertently
With my eyes I have touched you,
With my hands I have felt you
And my mouth has desired you.
 I do not know if you know it
But love is my dream longed for
And I will do my utmost
for your information

How much I love you.

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